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Lacing up my runnin’ shoes

March 23, 2011

I just signed up for the “Run for Heroes” 5k in Raleigh on Saturday, April 30th. Guess how long it’s been since I ran?

No, really… guess! Because I seriously have no idea!











So I think I have about 5 or 6 weeks (guess I should figure that out) to prepare. My best idea is to start over with C25k, but moving a little faster than the 9 weeks it is designed for. I think I can do that. The weather is improving and we have the treadmill for the days when it isn’t. No excuses! Let’s get going!


Two weeks away and it feels like the whole world should have changed…

March 11, 2011

Do you guys remember that Dido song, Sand in my Shoes? Well, it’s been more than two weeks (more like 5…) and if only I had sand in my shoes 🙂 I’d be a happier camper. Truthfully, I’ve just been swamped. So I’ll update you in my favorite format… a LIST!

1. I really wish I had planted daffodil bulbs in the fall.

2. My body has decided to reject my internal stitches and one of my incisions abscessed. Two others are sore. Apparently there is nothing I can do about this except wait and see. If I get a fever from infection I will go back to the surgeon.

3. From the statement above, you can imagine there hasn’t been a ton of exercise. I had a small window between the “all clear” for exercise and the abscess. In that window, Jared and I went to a local park and played tennis for two hours. I suck, but it was FUN! And a lot of work… I was so super sore the next day. So, I see a lot of that in our future.

4. Work is keeping me on my toes. And that is a major understatement. One day off in the last 10. The up side? A possible promotion in my future. (not getting my hopes up… not getting my hopes up… not getting my hopes up… not getting my hopes up…)

5. Daylight savings time is HERE! This weekend!

6. I’m heading to New Jersey next weekend to see my niece and nephew. Excited about that and hoping staying on WW won’t be too challenging during that time.

7. I really need like 3 days in a row at home to do nothing but spring clean, clean out, and do yard work. I do not see that anywhere in my near future 😦

8. Weight update: 1.4 pounds lost since January 1st. Seriously? I am officially back to my pre-Christmas weight though… so at least I’ve finally undone that damage!

9. I didn’t give up anything for Lent.

10. I think that’s all for now.

I did give you guys the head’s up that although I would be blogging again, I couldn’t promise any kind of consistency. So, I hope to see you before another month goes by! How are you guys doing with your weight loss? Anyone else on the new Weight Watchers program?

Me, minus an organ.

February 5, 2011









This was the best I could do holding my iphone out in front of my belly (mental note: one more excuse to get iPhone 4 = better blog photos). You can only really see two of the incisions in this photo, but let’s be real… you probably didn’t even want to see those! (oversharing?) I have a Facebook friend who had gallbladder surgery a few weeks ago and posted a picture of his big, hairy, freshly cut open belly on FB for the world to see. I figured I could at least wait a few days and only share it with you guys 🙂

So anywho, a few things to update on. First, I need to make a correction to my last blog post updating my resolution list. You know how you can work really hard on a diet and see no results and then BAM! you lose 1.6 pounds overnight? Well, that’s what happened the day after my last post. So, on February 1st I weighed exactly 1 pound less than January 1st, instead of the gain I posted. WOO HOO! (A loss is a loss, right?)

And on the weight loss front since surgery, this morning I was at 222.6. I’m actually a bit surprised that after eating nothing for an entire day and then like eating like a bird the following two days that I’m only at 222.6. I had several people tell me about friends who lost weight after GB surgery and I’ll be honest, I thought that all the pain and missed time at work and medical bills might be a teeny tiny bit more worth it if I came out 15 pounds lighter 🙂 Yes, I know that’s a sick way to think. I’m still working on my healthy attitude.

The good news is is I am ULTRA pumped up to get back to my regular routine, including Weight Watchers. As I told Jared this morning, my goal is now to “plow through 200s!” I’m not putting a time limit on it, I’m just saying that I’m going hard core, gung-ho, with no excuses, until I hit 199. The sooner, the better. I seem to do better with really concentrated bursts of dedication. The bad news is I am not allowed to exercise for 3.5 more weeks. At least not intensely. I’m not even allowed to lift more than 10 pounds right now 😦 I think it may be time to bring the treadmill back in from the garage so I can at least walk in the meantime.

And to close tonight, I wanted to share something that brings a little joy to me: The Blog Girls Podcast. I’m picky about fitness and weight loss podcasts, and this one makes me laugh out loud. Definitely worth checking out!

January’s Resolution Roundup

January 29, 2011

Earlier this month, I posted here with my 2011 resolutions…8 to be exact! I’m cheating a little, since today is the 29th, but things are about to get a little crazy in my life. I figured I better post while I can!

Resolution #1Lose weight (duh) January update: Up +.6 pounds from January 1st. Eh.

Resolution #2Sculpt Arms January update: I didn’t lift weights one single time in January. And after my surgery on Tuesday, I won’t be able to exercise for 4 weeks. Look out March, here I come!

Resolution #3Read 2 books per month January update: Finished Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and working on God’ Debris (recommended by Jared). It’s short, so I think I’ll make my goal by Tuesday.

Resolution #4Try one new recipe per month January update: Tried TWO new recipes, both from the South Beach diet cookbook (for Jared). Mini quiche in muffin cups and cauliflower “mashed potatoes.”

Resolution #5Pay off two credit cards January update: $134 paid towards balance

Resolution #6Complete 6 sewing projects January update: Mended pants for a friend’s son and made two 5×7 lined zipper pouches with cute fabric. Neither is perfect, but I use one of them to hold my WW tracker and calculator inside my purse.

Resolution #7Spend more time with my friends! See Spot and Chrissy both each at least once per month January update: I saw both Spot and Chrissy TWICE each this month. Woo hoo!

Resolution # 8Go to the bra patch with mom to get a professional bra fitting. January update: Not yet! It’ll probably be the summer before we do this so I’ll have lost a little more weight.

So I overachieved on some goals, fell short on others, but overall I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. How are your new year’s resolutions coming?

On your game.

January 12, 2011

I read this on the back page of the latest issue of Weight Watchers Magazine and it made me smile…

You know you’re on your game when:

– Your brunch order goes something like this: “Is the omelet cooked in oil? Can I have whole wheat toast with no butter? May I replace my home fries with a fruit salad, please?” This one is kinda true for me, but usually if I’m eating out I’m using my extra points!

– Whatever the temperature, you religiously wear the same outfit (and no shoes!) at every weigh-in. This cracked me up! At our meeting we call it, “Our Weight Watchers uniform!”

– You get a bit twitchy if your husband (or boyfriend) dips into your stash of baby carrots and popcorn instead of his usual junk food. Poor Jared… I flip out if he takes a few kernels of popcorn out of my bowl once it’s popped. If I’m counting 2 points for that popcorn, I want every. damn. kernel!

– You’re not embarrassed to whip out your PointsPlus calculator in the middle of the grocery store. This is SO me. I whip it out at least a few times a trip. I keep waiting for a fellow WW-er to comment 🙂

– Your food journal looks as if it’s been through a war. It’s covered with coffee stains and post-it notes and is pretty much falling apart. No coffee stains on mine, but it does have post-its and looks pretty rough!

Just wanted to share that this morning!

The stress connection.

January 11, 2011

I am working my way through “Women, Food, and God” (and by working my way through, I mean I’m on page 19), but I’m already having trouble relating. I’ve never seen myself as one of those people with deep emotional issues that drive them to their food addiction or binge eating. I have always said that I just like food… plain and simple. Occasionally I have admitted that I use food as a reward: “I worked a long, hard day so I deserve chik-fila for dinner instead of going home and cooking.” But that’s as far as I would go with the connection between my psyche and my stomach.

But yesterday I had a pretty eye-opening moment. Let me start by saying that Sunday was fantastic. I ate exactly my allowed number of points, drank lots of water, and even exercised on the Wii. I was feeling awesome about myself and my commitment to Weight Watchers on Monday morning and made it until about 3:30 with the resolve of Jennifer Hudson. (Have you guys seen her lately?)

And at 3:30… moments before leaving work, I received a very annoying email from a co-worker. A rude, annoying, stupid email that put me in a rotten mood. I got in my car and started my 45 minute commute home and slowly, slowly, thoughts of fast food snuck into my head. Wouldn’t a frosty be great right now? What about a junior bacon cheeseburger? Or maybe some waffle fries from Chik-fila.

I kind of surprised myself at how clear the connection between my co-worker-induced bad mood and cravings for “bad” food were. But even more what surprised me was the fact that I didn’t even care how clear the connection was. I still wanted the food. I made it all the way to the turn for my street without giving in. But instead of turning, I kept straight…… straight for the grocery store. I picked up a frozen pizza for dinner and a Krispy Kreme for myself. And I ate it without an ounce of guilt and you know what? It DID make me feel better. But why? What is it about indulging in food that relieves the frustration of a bad day at work?

Fresh starts!

January 9, 2011

I love New Years! Especially when I have someone so cute to kiss… 😉

It’s 2011 and I feel like it’s going to be a good year for me. I have made several resolutions this year and I wanted to share them here on the blog. They are not all weight or fitness related, but they are all important to me! There is something about achieving the weight loss that I have that makes me feel like I can do all the other things I want to as well! AND I have a lovely pink leather journal that I bought just to keep track of my resolutions and how I’m doing sticking to them:

Resolution #1 – Lose weight (duh)

Resolution #2 – Sculpt Arms (I have a space to post a picture of my “guns” each month!)

Resolution #3 – Read 2 books per month (January = Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and Women, Food, and God)

Resolution #4 – Try one new recipe per month (January = a South Beach quiche recipe I’ll try next week)

Resolution #5 – Pay off my credit cards (I have 2 left from my unemployment – both will easily be paid off this year… hooray!)

Resolution #6 – Complete 6 sewing projects (I tried and failed at a lined zipper pouch last night… it’s too cute not to try again though)

Resolution #7 – Spend more time with my friends! See Spot and Chrissy both each at least once per month (I’m on a roll with this one… saw them both already this month with plans to see them a SECOND time… watch out!)

Resolution # 8 – Go to the bra patch with mom to get a professional bra fitting.

What are your new years resolutions?

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