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Pee Pants 5k

June 17, 2010

Oh goodness, I’m writing this through tears from laughing! I check the searches that send people to my site every few days and this morning? The latest?

“Pee Pants 5k”

Several things run through my head, including… why would someone search for this? Are they afraid they are going to pee their pants during a 5k? And then I thought – maybe that’s the name of an actual 5k event? And then… most importantly… why would “pee pants 5k” bring someone HERE?! So I google searched the same term and found my post entitled, “Friendship is like peeing in your pants.” (the rest of that is, “Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it.”) and in that same post I discussed my 5k plans. So I guess that makes sense. But man, what a good laugh 🙂

So, let’s talk about yesterday. I could not. stop. eating. What the hell? You’d think aunt flow was on her way to town. (she’s not). So I have no idea what was up with that. I couldn’t stop drinking milk either. Two TALL glasses before bed sent me to the bathroom FOUR times in the middle of the night. Yeesh. Needless to say, I’m feeling like I could go back to sleep for a few hours! I started out normal with my cereal and packed a turkey sandwich lunch for babysitting. After I’d eaten that though, I snacked on some of their triscuit crackers and then after that I ate a chocolate pop tart. We had Italian sausage and a baked potato for dinner. There was no counting to be seen. Ugh. Back on the wagon today!

So I gave you guys a race recap, but didn’t talk about my trip to Savannah! I had a really great time! Everyone who hadn’t seen me since October told me how great I looked, which was really nice and very motivational. I wasn’t so thrilled with all of the pictures taken of me… mostly my arms and my chin(s). I know I’ve lost a lot of weight, but it’s hard not to look at pictures and pick out all the things that still need to be done. I think that’s an important step in the weight loss process though. It’s too easy to be happy with the changes you’ve made and then start slipping up. Not here!

I’m finding that it’s very helpful for me to have a big date or event coming up in my mind to work towards. That date for me now? September 12th! My first sprint triathlon. I am SO EXCITED! I had so much fun at the 5k this weekend that I’m really looking forward a new kind of competitive event. I have a lot of training to do and unfortunately my bike still isn’t up to par. Jared actually wants to buy another one for me and keep the first one as a practice bike for him to work on. He’s afraid he messed some things up when he put the tires on and tightened the spokes and such. Either way, I’ve gotta get moving SOON… like, this week… on the swimming and running portions. I haven’t decided if I want to plan out a 10 week training plan in advance or take it week-by-week depending on where I’m at and how I’m doing. Probably the latter.

Any triathletes out there have some advice to offer? I’ll take it!

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