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Well, hello there!

December 30, 2011
 It’s been a little while…

In the last 9 months I have been a little busy:

Surviving a tornado (this is the neighborhood next to ours)


Getting engaged!


Setting a PR in a 5k


Getting a promotion at work!


Completing my second triathlon (9 minutes faster than last year!)


Getting married!

Going on an AMAZING honeymoon in Aruba!

Setting yet another PR in a 5k!

And, oh yeah... eating like a PIG the last two months since I got married!












I’m jumping back on the blog to share a couple of things:

1. As soon as registration opens on January 1st, I will be registering for this Sprint Triathlon: The date is April 29th, giving me 4 solid months to train! The scary thing is the length… while still one of the shorter triathlon distances, the swim is 3x longer than my past two triathlons, the bike is 1.5x longer, and the run is 1.5x longer. Eeeek! I will be competing with my friend Amy and I couldn’t be more excited to have some motivation and support from a friend 🙂

2. I am going to lose 20 pounds in the month of January. No, seriously. I am going to be one of those people. Someone who jumps on the January work out and weight loss band wagon. I have a ton of damage control to do for the last two months and while 20 pounds in one month may seem extreme, it’s really not…

I can’ t promise how often I’ll be posting or if I’ll ever get back to it regularly, but I did want to share all of the excitement! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂


Life on hold.

April 6, 2011

I’ve been sidetracked this week and I am not happy about it. See those big, red, swollen tonsils???

They actually got a lot grosser in the hours after I took this picture. Consider yourselves spared. I left work mid-day yesterday for a doctor’s appointment and have been home all day today. The good news is my fever has come down and I’m on a Z-pack, which usually knocks this kind of thing out for me.

Unfortunately, I am SWAMPED at work, so a mid-week day off has only added to my stress. Add to that that I’m leaving tomorrow morning for an overnight work conference so… dang. Some miracles better happen overnight tonight. I feel like I’m swallowing knives.

So I my last run was last Friday 😦 and with the traveling added to the sickness I won’t be back on schedule until next week. GAH! My 5k is only 23 days away and I really want to jog the whole thing!

Anyone have some miracle tonsilitis cures out there??

PS… here is my last run:

Eating under pressure.

April 4, 2011

Saturday was a super busy day for me, FULL of opportunities to cheat on my Weight Watchers plan. I was spending most of the day at my mom’s helping her out around the house, followed by my friend Chrissy’s boys’ birthday party, followed by a long night of babysitting. Helping at mom’s wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t want to go out to lunch too…

So I get the menu and start perusing the salads… but I really don’t want a salad. I really want a BLT. So I start adding up the points and realize that a BLT on wheat bread with very, very little mayo (I asked for it light and they took me seriously!) is only 11 points:

Add to that my small side salad with fat free ranch and lunch clocked in at 14 points. Not that bad for a girl who has 37 to play with in a day!

Next was the birthday party and thank gawd for Chrissy’s fruit skewers. I ate three (ok, seven) of them. So, it amounted to what would have been a very large bowl of fruit salad (pineapple, cantaloupe, and strawberries… YUM!) and knowing I could eat those without counting was great! It made it a lot easier to avoid the chips and really yummy looking corn salsa. I asked Chrissy a few days before the party about the menu and knew there would be chicken nuggets from Chik-fila, so I planned ahead that I could eat 6 of those. And OF COURSE I wasn’t going to skip birthday cake. I mean, really…

Do you know what’s amazing about the internets? You can find anything you need to know. Like, for example, the fat, fiber, protein, and carbs in a BJ’s yellow sheet cake with white whipped frosting and chocolate mousse filling. Seriously, I love the internet.

I really hate guessing on WW… the more exact the point count, the better. So I loved being able to put in the actual nutrition facts instead of just choosing generic “cake” in my etools.

So the hardest two parts of my day were over with only babysitting left to go. Fortunately when I got there, munchkin had already eaten dinner. Hooray! That means no string cheese or chicken nuggets or pizza or hamburger to tempt me. I had packed a fiber one bar, pretzels, and an orange, so when I got a snack craving after the kids went to bed, I was covered without raiding their cabinets that were no doubt full of things tastier than my orange 🙂

At the end of the day… I had eaten exactly 37 points. I could NOT believe that on such a tough day for temptations I was able to come in exactly on target. Unreal. That felt pretty freaking awesome.

A new kind of chore chart.

March 31, 2011

When I started Weight Watchers back in September, I wanted a way to track all of my healthy habits, not just my points. The paper tracker that WW gives you has a place to mark off fruits and veggies, dairy, liquids, and healthy oils, but I had other things I wanted to keep track of as well. And being such a visual person, I really wanted something I would see and update often.

So I bought a chore chart.

And it has worked out so well! I have filled it out almost every single week since I started WW and it makes me feel like I’m staying on track. This was last week’s chart (I take a picture on my phone at the end of every week. Not really sure why, just want to save the info). I didn’t get my vitamins or tea on Sunday and Monday since I was out of town, but you can see how well I did at the end of the week! I track vitamins and supplements, green tea, water, exercise, and points. There’s something really gratifying about seeing the whole chart full of stars 🙂

I always strive for “The Perfect Week,” but I haven’t done it yet. There’s always next week!

C25K Week 3

March 30, 2011

This is what Couch to 5k week 3 day 1 looks like. Not too bad… two 90 second runs and two three-minute runs. Running for three minutes is definitely a challenge. I can do it, I just find myself looking at the timer a lot more often.


What do you mean it’s only been fifteen seconds since the last time I looked at my phone?!? haha! But it’s worth it for that awesome accomplished feeling I have when it’s all over.




And this is what Couch to 5k week 3 day 2 looks like. I felt extremely sluggish today and really wasn’t up for this. But I have so much determination in me right now, there was no way I was going to skip the workout. I just wasn’t as psyched about it as I could have been. I got a killer side cramp in the LAST minute of the LAST jog and I just had to stop. It was that bad. But I made up for it by running one minute of the next walk segment once the cramp subsided. I didn’t want to cheat myself!


So here’s what I can’t figure out… just two days ago Nike+ said my best mile was 12:53. Today? 12:32. I’m not really sure how I shaved 20 seconds off my best mile when I wasn’t trying. And I wasn’t running the whole time. Hmmmm. I’ve read on some forums about a Nike+ glitch where it only counts your first mile as the best mile. Which means my best may be faster since the first mile always includes the warm-up. I’m not really sure.

I feel silly even talking about a 12 minute mile being an accomplishment. I read other runner’s blogs and they talk about their 7 and 8 minute miles and it blows my mind. I don’t know that I will ever be there. Or that I ever want to put in the work that it will take to GET there! I like to think of running as just one part of my physical fitness plan… which brings me to a promise. I PROMISE all of my posts will not be C25k updates. I do have other things to write about! A whole list, actually.

Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow 🙂


No pain, no gain. Right???

March 27, 2011

The amount of pain I’m in right now is really inexcusable. My exercise over the last three days:

Friday: 1.7 mile run/walk

Saturday: 20 minute (relatively easy) strength circuit

Sunday: 1.74 mile run/walk

And I HURT! All over! The strength circuit was mostly arms to give my legs a break, but now I’m wishing I’d skipped it so at least only one half of my body would be in pain 🙂

Here are my Nike+ stats for today. No glitches this time!


I did C25k week 2, day 2 and felt really good again. It actually surprised me when the lady’s voice said, “Cool down!” I thought I still had a while to go. For my next run I’m going to skip ahead to week 3 and from that point I’ll follow the regular schedule.

Any runners out there have tips on easing muscle soreness??


35 days

March 25, 2011

That’s how long until my next 5k. I got up off the couch this morning (going into work late today) and dusted off the treadmill. I decided to revisit my Couch to 5k iphone app:

I really love this app! It makes the C25k program so easy… I can’t imagine trying to do it on my own with a stopwatch or something. It talks to you so you can concentrate on what you’re doing and just listen for the cues. So this is probably my 3rd (?) time restarting the program. Last time I think I got to week 6. So I reset everything and started with week 2, day 1. I was actually SHOCKED at how good I felt. I hit a little wall at the halfway mark when I realized I was …halfway! lol, I thought I was almost done till I looked at the phone. I got over it though and kept going. I covered 1.7 miles in 30 minutes with a walk/job combo. Apparently the connection between my sensor and the Nike+ in my phone was lost at one point, because it has my stats for today all wrong:




The clock on the Nike+ was running the whole time, so it’s not like I turned it off accidentally. I’m going to consider it a fluke until my next run and I’ll see what happens then. Anyone else have that problem?

So, the weather is supposed to be nasty outside this weekend. Highs in the 40s and rainy. About as disgusting as you can get. So my plan is to get in a run both Saturday and Sunday on the treadmill since I have no plans to leave the house. I know you’re only supposed to do 3x a week on C25k, but my training time for this 5k is cut short, so I feel like I need to bump it up a notch to get further in the program. So what is my race goal? I just want to A) jog the whole time… no walking! and B) come in under 40 minutes. I know to some people that sounds like a joke. 40 minutes? For a 5k? But I’ll be happy with that!

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